Crack the Code and Get Wedding Invitations Really Cheap!

DCM_09233Last April my closest cousin and best friend got married and I was so excited to design and print a unique wedding card for her special moment!

I like designing and I am very good at drawing. I’ve managed to create a great wedding design but I wanted to print it in a high quality paper from a professional store. Wedding cards in my opinion might be simple but well-crafted. However, I did have all I needed but the printer! LOL :D

Most wedding invitations have the same information like this sample here. They often have the parent’s name as well as other important elements such as the bride’s and groom’s name, the date, the location and maybe some additional information for the reception’s location etc. When talking about wedding card designs, you need to make sure that they are original and not just a copy from an existing design. This means that they had to be designed with my unique creativity! (Important)

Obviously, even if I had created the perfect design I wasn’t fully equipped for the job! Now I needed to ask a professional’s advice and find a printer that would deliver the same quality as I had pictured it in my mind. Fortunately, there is a wide array of printing services available online. They can help you create your product fast, they have experts to help you with your order and guide you step by step until the cards arrive in your hands.

After choosing a good online printing service I had to search online for a coupon that would give me a discount. There are so many places online, coupon stores, websites, blogs that can provide with a coupon for the exact order but it took me like half an hour to find one that gave me up to 25% Off plus free shipping! All other places and codes weren’t valid and I was losing my patience! Finally I used the ones from this great source with the latest coupons and special offers officially given from the printing company.

Wedding InvitationsAn excellent provider is mindful of quality and variety. Everyone prefers an interesting design instead of a dull one. It is essential to make sure that the invitation reflects the kind of person you are.

The results were amazing! I’ve got to print wedding invitations in premium paper with high quality printing technology and they’ve been shipped in just 4 days after I’ve placed my order! Pretty awesome right? Haha..

I was happy to help my cousin. I like to live with quality, I seek quality in many products and services and I believe that the invitations did represent the couple’s character at 100%!