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Whether you are a new customer at seeking reliable and affordable domain registration or you have already used Godaddy products and you are thinking of renewing your plan, you are most likely looking for a promo code for Discount Code

Thankfully, Godaddy has a plethora of coupon codes for its customers, both new and existing. One such promo code that I have tried the past two months several times to verify it works is CJCFW199. With this promotion code you can buy a .com, .net, or .org domain for only $1.99.

How Super Bowl Ads And GoDaddy Girls Drive Pavlovian Traffic To

Those who don’t know about Pavlov’s dog should look it up and find out what classical conditioning means. The relevance here is that they trained consumers to go and visit when they see Super Bowl ads on television. It’s an impressive marketing and branding achievement that drives tons of traffic to the website each year.

godaddy1The technique used is simple enough – they create a controversy by first producing ads showing GoDaddy Girls in attire and situations that are too risque for a family audience on TV. When it gets rejected, they whip up another ad that includes a mention about the first ad that’s too hot for prime time television. The huge Super Bowl audience watches the second ad on TV and then visits the company’s website to see the first ad.

It’s proven to be incredibly effective since the first such gimmick was tested in 2008. Let’s take a look at some of these campaigns and the results they produced. For Super Bowl XLII in 2008, they produced an ad they called “Exposure” featuring Indycar driver Danica Patrick.

Fox rejected the ad because it had animatronic beavers, and said they would only air it if the word beavers was removed from the ad. Instead of complying, the company produced another ad called “Spot On” where a group of people are watching the game, and one of them opens up his computer to check out the banned ad. The ad generated a whirlwind of traffic to their website, which instantly got 1.5 million visitors.

The next year, people were waiting and eager to see the too-hot-for-TV ad. Different versions of the ad were created for TV and the Internet for Super Bowl XLIII in 2009. They were two spots for TV showing Danica Patrick and teaser ads pointing to the web-only risque ads.

It created another storm of publicity and web traffic. This time, domain registrations jumped 110 percent above what the 2008 ads had generated. By now, the Pavlovian conditioning of consumers was pretty much a done deal. The company was perfecting the system, and they now knew it worked like a charm with two spots on TV, one a real ad and one that pointed to the faux-controversy over the banned ad.

Everyone knew that they had to visit the GoDaddy website and see the ads that couldn’t be shown on TV. For Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, Danica Patrick once again starred in two separate ad spots. She’s getting a massage in one of the ads when the masseuse breaks out into a dance. In the other ad, Danica is shown being interviewed and grilled about the ads that are too hot for television.

Needless to say, the second ad pushed a huge number of people to check out the ads which couldn’t be shown on TV. It led to huge surge of traffic to GoDaddy that resulted in a rush of domain sales unlike anything the company had ever experienced before. All Super Bowl ads create a lot of hype, but only GoDaddy has managed to train consumers to go straight to their website to see the ads.

Ads and Coupons Work Well

In the end, with these unique ads, and with the deep discount coupons, Godaddy has managed to get a big chunk of the web hosting and domain market.

What is Norton 360 and How To Apply The Promo Code

Where to Find A Promo Codes For Norton

norton 360 promo codeDoing a full virus scan on your PC can seem like it takes forever—checking each and every one of thousands of files on your computer—and unless this scan is scheduled for a time when your computer is not in use, it can significantly slow the performance of the computer and hamper your computer efforts significantly, regardless of what you might be working on. To combat this problem, Symantec developed Norton 360. A full antivirus, internet security, PC optimization/tuning software always cost a lot. To make its product more alluring, Symantec is giving out a 20% Norton 360 promo code for the 2-year version, which can be installed on 4 computers.

What is Norton 360?

norton internet security coupon codeLike the name implies, Norton 360 provides insight into the files checked by your antivirus software and helps to speed up those often lengthy full-system scans, without putting your computer at risk. It does this by classifying which files on your system are safe, and therefore in no need of scanning, and sends this information along to Norton 360 (for Norton Internet Security coupon users). Unless manually configured otherwise, these files will no longer be checked each time a full-system scan is run, thus speeding up the entire scanning process and vastly improving your computer’s overall performance.

How to Use Norton 360?

To use the Norton 360 feature, your computer must be connected to the internet, but the processes related to the software will run automatically (when set to do so) and usually only when the computer is idle. As a result, none of the tasks performed by the software will hinder your computer’s performance when you are using it.

Norton 360 works hand–in-hand with Symantec to determine the recommended trust level for each and every file on your computer, and once a file is labeled “Norton Trusted” it will remain as such until manually updated. If you want to see which files have been labeled “Norton Trusted,”. It provides a central location where you can view the label for each process running on your computer and their associated files.

Norton 360 is a great tool for eliminating unnecessary scans that can slow your computer down to a crawl and is usually offered at no additional charge when you purchase the appropriate Norton antivirus software.

Coupon Codes for Finish Line

In the year 1971, three childhood friends thought it was a good idea to join hands and start an athletes foot franchise. Their idea came out successful and in 1981 they decided to start a firm called finish line. This firm was the manager of a clothing shop in Indiana in the same name. The shop has been operating since then and even offers internet services through their online store

Finish Line Promotion Codes


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There are  more promo codes for Finish Line which you can find with a simple online search.

About Finish Line

FinishLine Promo Code

The store deals with clothes for women, men and also children. It is affiliated with top brands like Adidas and Reebok. There are very many people who have tried using the store and most of them love the services. However, many cannot say the same for their online services.

Many customers have given optimistic reviews about their experience using the site. Many say that the management is very competent and does not even have the audacity to make any wrongs. For instance a customer once got the wrong items from the ordered ones but the site was quick to refund her money.

There exist many customers who even say that their shipment has never tampered with when they received it. It is easy to rectify these mistakes because their emergency lines are managed by people who are also very competent.

There are other advantages that also give the site some merit. For instance they have developed a phone application that any user in the United States can access. This makes their ordering a little bit easier. also sells products that have been licensed by many schools and professional bodies. There exist many things they sell that cannot be found easily from any store. It works best for the lovers of sports.

The stores also has various branches in many American states therefore they are easy to access. For this reason the interested customers will not have to stress themselves with the poorly managed internet sites.


Vitacost Codes Now Available For New Liquid Vitamins

Natural vitality Organic liquid vitamins are new revolutions in the sector of nutrients and supplements, provided at Natural vitality organic life vitamins is a liquid nutrient vitamin that is very energetic compared to multivitamins, they are packed in bottles of 32 servings each. Their serving size is 1 oz. A 10% discount is given through vitacost codes.

Vitacost vitality Organic liquid vitamins

Benefits of using this organic liquid vitamin

Its uniqueness makes it the best vitamin currently in the vitamins market. Some of the distinct benefits of liquid vitamins are;
1. Liquid vitamins are easily absorbed by the body compared to non-liquid vitamins. The liquid nature of natural organic liquid vitamin makes it mix with the blood easily and first. Thus, bringing quick effects on the body energy level.
2. Natural vitality organic vitamins are reformulated in order to remove preservatives such as potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate which might be harmful in the body.
3. It can be added to water, juice or almond milk to make it taste more better
Pros of using this organic vitamin
1. This organic vitamin taste great and it does not have any aftertaste that may cause irritation in the body. They are perfectly formulated to taste great
2. Stress cause health problems such as ulcers but with this organic vitamins your stress is well managed. It gives you power to cope with any stress.
3. They are the best energy giving organic vitamin. The use of this vitamin means increase of body energy hence good health.
4. Drugs like thyroid can cause stomach problems to some people; natural organic vitamin has the power to heal stomach problems.

Vitacost codes

Cons of using organic vitamins

vitacost coupons1. Some of this organic vitamin may contain potentially damaging chemicals such as Sodium Benzoate and aspartame. Sodium Benzoate is an addictive preservative.
2. For some people this vitamin tastes terrible even after trying it with OJ, apple juice or almond milk.
3. This liquid vitamin can cause acid reflux to rise. In case of such conditions medical advice is recommended.

How Much Does It Cost

Grab you natural vitality organic liquid vitamin bottle for $ 23.09 at , courtesy of vitacost discount coupons.

Crack the Code and Get Wedding Invitations Really Cheap!

DCM_09233Last April my closest cousin and best friend got married and I was so excited to design and print a unique wedding card for her special moment!

I like designing and I am very good at drawing. I’ve managed to create a great wedding design but I wanted to print it in a high quality paper from a professional store. Wedding cards in my opinion might be simple but well-crafted. However, I did have all I needed but the printer! LOL :D

Most wedding invitations have the same information like this sample here. They often have the parent’s name as well as other important elements such as the bride’s and groom’s name, the date, the location and maybe some additional information for the reception’s location etc. When talking about wedding card designs, you need to make sure that they are original and not just a copy from an existing design. This means that they had to be designed with my unique creativity! (Important)

Obviously, even if I had created the perfect design I wasn’t fully equipped for the job! Now I needed to ask a professional’s advice and find a printer that would deliver the same quality as I had pictured it in my mind. Fortunately, there is a wide array of printing services available online. They can help you create your product fast, they have experts to help you with your order and guide you step by step until the cards arrive in your hands.

After choosing a good online printing service I had to search online for a coupon that would give me a discount. There are so many places online, coupon stores, websites, blogs that can provide with a coupon for the exact order but it took me like half an hour to find one that gave me up to 25% Off plus free shipping! All other places and codes weren’t valid and I was losing my patience! Finally I used the ones from this great source with the latest coupons and special offers officially given from the printing company.

Wedding InvitationsAn excellent provider is mindful of quality and variety. Everyone prefers an interesting design instead of a dull one. It is essential to make sure that the invitation reflects the kind of person you are.

The results were amazing! I’ve got to print wedding invitations in premium paper with high quality printing technology and they’ve been shipped in just 4 days after I’ve placed my order! Pretty awesome right? Haha..

I was happy to help my cousin. I like to live with quality, I seek quality in many products and services and I believe that the invitations did represent the couple’s character at 100%!