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Shoes are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe.  Whatever your profession, whatever you do for fun, shoes are a necessity.  There are a ton of places that you can buy shoes from but how do you decide where the best places to buy from and how do you get the most bang for your buck when you are shopping.  If you want to be kind to your feet, then a great store to buy from is is one of the best places to purchase shoes. You can find shoes for all ages and foot types. (except for therapeutic shoes and inserts). It is an easy process and you will get exactly what you are looking for.  Pair that with great coupons and deals and you will have the best shoe shopping experience possible. Promo Code for 25% off Savings occasionally makes available a 30% off coupon code. This week though, their discount code has a somewhat lower value. Use promo code SAVE25 to save 25%. This code is good until the end of November. To get the coveted 25% off coupon, always search online before you buy shoes from in case the code has become available again. Just look for “ coupon code 25 off” or check with Groupon.

25 off promo code

Initial Concerns

You may be hesitant to buy shoes online for several reasons.  If you’ve never purchased products online, you may have concerns.  But does a great job at addressing those concerns and making your shopping experience top notch.  One huge concern with shopping online is safety and security. makes it a point to have top level security so that all of your information is safe and secure.

Another concern that people have is how to know that the product they see online is going to fit correctly and look as good as shown on the website.  First, you can search by so many options, including sizes (half sizes included), colors and style that you will be able to narrow down what you are looking for quickly.  The products have great photos, with most products having six or seven photos that show the products from all angels.  Detailed descriptions will help you understand all the specifics from heel height to material texture.  Additionally, has a very good return policy, so if the shoes aren’t exactly what you were looking for, you can return them, for free, very easily.

Shoe University

One really special feature about the website is a feature they have called Shoe University.  Located in the “about us” section of their site, it contains a huge amount of tips and tricks that will make shoe shopping, even online, simple and easy.  From sizing charts and instructions, to guides on the latest trends, shoe university will help put any concerns you may have to rest.

Deals and Discounts

Another concern that people have whenever they are shopping is whether they are getting a good deal. offers great deals all the time (including free ground shipping – a huge cost savings) throughout their home page.  Coupon codes for a percentage off are available on the main page and through email campaigns.  They also have a great sales page.  You can also find great coupons from other sites.  Sites like offer great coupon codes that give you specials such as fifty dollars off your order.  There are so many good deals and discounts for that shopping there is not only fun but affordable.

No matter what you need shoes for, is a great option.  Paired with great coupons, it is easy to fall in love with buying shoes online.

Rockport Seven to 7

Rockport Seven to 7 is one of the brands you can find at The special feature of these shoes is that they are heels and yet they feel so comfortable as if they were flats.

Other coupons you may be interested in:

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4inkjets Review and Coupons


Technology today demands that we have to spend money on certain products, whether we like it or not. There are very few of us you can get away without ever using a printer. Thus, most of us after quite end up regularly spending money to purchase printer ink. Whether the ink is in the form of a laser toner cartridge or an ink jet cartridge, the price is astronomical. Everyone is looking for ways to save money on this necessary but very expensive product.

4ink1There are several sites on the Internet that allow you to purchase ink for a lot lower price than you would find in a retail store. However, people get nervous, wondering how a site can offer a product for such a deep discount. They fear that they are getting something of lesser quality. However, they could not be more wrong. There is one site in particular,, that offers affordable ink for your printer with the best quality and customer service that is out there.

Customer Service Policies

The customer service policies and other benefits that offers shows that is a reputable company that has positive customer service in mind at all times. For example, the website offers free shipping in the United States for any orders that are over $50. They also offer order tracking for every order. They also have a very liberal return policy. They stand by their 100% satisfaction guarantee and will either refund your purchase price or exchange your item within a full year of the purchase. They also have several different ways to contact customer service. You can reach them through their website, through several different phone numbers, or through customer service emails. Having more then one way to reach them shows that they care about your convenience and flexibility in the event that you need to speak with them.

Coupons and Discounts

While it is great that the website offers the lowest prices out there, why not use a 4inkjets discount code that can help you save even more money? 4inkjets has partnered with RetailMeNot, the largest coupon site, and they offer the coupon RetailMeNot13. See image on the right.

4inkjets discount code

You can find a 4inkjets promo code at as well.

The website already offers some of the deepest discounts available, but there are also other ways to save money at the site. First, make sure you sign up for their email newsletter. They will automatically send you emails with special deals, sales, and coupon codes.  There are also other websites that consistently offer coupon codes for the website. For example, as I mentioned already, popular retail site currently has over 30 coupons that can be used on the website.  Add these great discounts to the fact that the prices on the site are already the lowest that are available and you have found the best deal on printer ink by far.

Printer ink is expensive.  It is also very necessary. can help you make this necessity far more affordable.  With a great website and second to none customer service, you can be assured that the product you are getting is of the highest quality and backed with the strongest guarantees.  Pair the already great deals with coupons and deals and you will be more then satisfied with your experience.

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Walgreens Photo Coupon Code for 4×6 Prints


Photographers tell us that the most popular photo printing size is the 4×6. Now Walgreens Photo Center offer a special coupon for this image size.

Walgreens Photo Promo Code for 4×6 Prints

Enter the coupon code ORDER75 at checkout when you place your order with Walgreens. This discount code for 4×6 prints is good until September 17. It basically entitles you for 75 4×6 prints for $9.99. This is a great deal because you end up paying only 13 cents for each print.

Once this coupon expires, Walgreens will issue a new one. Just look for walgreens photo coupon code 4×6 prints in the search engines. With this promo code, as the company says, you will turn fall’s best snaps into prints you’ll remember forever.

Back to the Basics

Photography is a type of and art or a process, where you are filming something still or moving, or even capturing a very specific moment is part of everyday life. This happens thanks to the technology which lets the photographer use electronic sensors emitting radiation grants tons of options. See some of them in the online photo printing store Photo.walgreens has.

The products of photography are called negatives and photographs. The latter gets developed from a negative. The camera has the ability to store information or data either chemically or electronically.

Visit The Online Photo Printing Store of Walgreens

In the last few years, video and film have become the predominant if not the dominant forms of modern storytelling.Before video, there was photography. It was always the same, once everything was established, it never changed until video and photography became really related.

People want to have power at their disposal, and here it is, what easier way to harness the power of storytelling. Telling a story in photos doesn’t require one just to be a good photographer. It requires an eye for what is actually interesting, or what will be interesting in a few days, weeks, or even years. This is the way to make something vast and big, something that will seize the moment and will capture the attention of many. And you want to do this in a cost effective way. A Walgreens photo coupon code for 4×6 prints (the image size that most people use) helps toward this attainment.

Only photographers who understand emotions are willing to head down that path. Photography has become interesting recently and is getting more fans than ever, there is a new way to make an essay, which involves adding pictures. This strange form is called the photo essay.

Simply put, this is the type of essay which consists of a collection of images which are placed in a very specific order. The whole purpose is to show or tell a story of events, where emotions and concepts collide. In order to type that sort of an essay, there is always the need to find out about a topic, because it is mentioned dynamic and really important. If the topic is about a professional athlete, then there is a huge need to spend some time with this person. The same applies in photography.

There is a person who is a world class journalist, named Lauren Greenfield. Along with Joachim Ladefoged, they are considered to be the creators of this thrilling way to tell stories. It is believed that this type of expression has the same features as a normal essay, with the add-on of visual imaging techniques.

Discover interesting and fun facts, look at a subject and about their culture, where exactly did they grow up and what did actually happen to drive him towards their particular choice. All of these factors will actually help you plan out what are the main parts of the story that are going to be involved. Then there is still work to be done – separate whatever can’t find its way into the topic. There might be unnecessary stuff. After all this no matter how it might seem from the beginning, there will be and work- intensive but later on, acting starts requiring work instead of just thinking it will turn out to be a wonderful story. Never forget that as long the person is holding the camera that means that he is actually the story-teller and that no one was born an incredible writer.

Enough with photography ramblings. What about you? Have you used Walgreens Photo Center? The Walgreens photo coupons for 4×6 prints are the place to start with! More about this at RetailMeNot. Check also this source.

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30 Percent Off Kohls Discount Code


Did you know that Kohls is one of America’s favorite store? Kohl’s has generous deals whether you are looking at the Bed and Bath department, Home and Furniture, Sports and Fitiness or Jewelery and Watches. Kohls incredible couponsIn a word, YES, as they say, the store offers incredible savings, and hassle free returns. But what most people are looking for when it comes to Kohl savings is the famous 30% off Kohls coupon code.

Kohls Code: 30% off.

Here is the highly sought after coupon code that offers a whopping 30% off.  Use SPLURGE30. Hurry up as it will last only for a week.

And here is an alternative to the 30 percent off kohls code by Kacy:

Information On The Store

Many men and women enjoy shopping. With the evolution and accessibility of the web and technology, shopping over the web has become more commonplace. Kohl’s is the name of an American department store that was founded in the 1940s. The first department store for the company came to be in 1962. There is now an online store where consumers can shop all of the same products they would find at the store and more.

Like any other shopping experience, the prices of goods will vary. Online shopping is preferred by many because there is usually a larger selection of product available than that sold in stores. Furthermore, the sales and clearance sections might include more of a variety online.

Another benefit to doing this over the Internet is the convenience. People can shop using their mobile phones, laptops or other devices that connect to the web. It is easy to place an order online and keep track of it.

This might be the better option for people who do not live near a Kohl’s or one that does not have the specific item they wanted to buy. Essentially, shopping through this website may give consumers more. They have the opportunity to purchase products that are not readily available in the area where they live, often at a lesser cost and with more inventory available.

The site offers free standard shipping for shoppers who spend more than $75 on an order. They also have other special promotions that can save shoppers, frequent or not, money when they buy online. Consumers can create an account on the site and save their wish lists, or even wedding registries. This company also has online exclusives only available through its official website.

Suggested Reading

The concept of Kohls 30% off coupons is also discussed in other blogs. There are numerous categories of goods to browse through online, including: jewelry and watches, home, furniture, toys, shoes, juniors, sports and fitness, men, intimates, baby, women, and more. Those who subscribe to the Kohl’s online newsletter may benefit from special promotions and other perks like the 30 percent off Kohls discount code I mentioned above. Ultimately, shopping online can lead to more goods and potential savings.

Other coupons you may be interested in:

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New Vitacost Coupons Attract More Online Supplement Buyers


How to Get the Most Out of Your Diet and Supplements?

These days, there are more unhealthy foods being offered in stores and dinning places than healthy ones. To make these foods last for very long, manufacturers generally add preservatives on the foods. So, individuals are not acquiring the essential nutrients that their body needs. This situation leads individuals to rely on supplements. It is through these supplements that they can be assured that their daily specific nutritional requirements are met. Taking up a supplement that completely fits one’s necessities is necessary. For instance, Vitacost supplements are great for people with a physically active way of living.

Where To Find Vitacost Promo Codes

vitacost couponYou can also have discounts through Vitacost coupons. You’ll be able to save up to $30 with them. Vitacost has a special order form you have to fill out in case the supplement you want is currently unavailable. They will do their best to make the supplement that you want accessible quickly. If you want, you can also try Vitacost supplements. They ensure that their products are of great quality without charging customers outrageously.

Quality Standards At Supplements

Safety and efficiency are guaranteed when you opt for the supplement brand referred to as Vitacost. All their products have 100 % natural ingredients and are processed in high-end facilities. Tests were made in the Vitacost Lab to make sure that all their supplements offer efficient results. A lot of people believe that these products are very useful to all athletes as they were made by health professionals. In fact, several legendary athletes have tested and proven the product’s effectiveness. This health supplement is generally a great arsenal in keeping your body in good health and always on the go.

Variety and Quantity

vitacost promo codesThere are lots of supplements that presents. For instance, you can try out soy protein if you want to build your muscles. Actually, a whole lot of body builders have tried this supplement already. It is a protein supplement that’s filled with essential amino acids. It also tastes good because there is cocoa and also maca added to it. However, milk protein is perfect for individuals who like to enhance their mental functioning. As a guarantee that it doesn’t have any coloring, it has been labeled with the Naked Seal.

If you’re interested in purchasing these products, then there are Vitacost coupons you can use to avail discounts in your purchase. If you utilize these coupons, then you can take advantage of around 5% to 30% discount. There are also some other brands of supplements you can also enjoy aside from Vitacost products. You can also select this exact brand. Furthermore, it is advisable that you visit this brand’s official website if you are looking for high quality yet inexpensive supplements. Physically active individuals and individuals who are looking for supplements to provide their daily nutritional needs must go for Vitacost.

Buying At Vitacost E-Shop

Looking for the products you want to buy is not difficult. Vitacost has a cataloging system that categorizes all items for customer’s convenience. Apart from that, you can expect your orders to be sent for free if you purchase at least $25 worth of either Vitacost and Muscle and Strength products. You are on your way to becoming fit and healthy by using these health supplements.

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Here is a Promo Code


Whether you are a new customer at seeking reliable and affordable domain registration or you have already used Godaddy products and you are thinking of renewing your plan, you are most likely looking for a promo code for Discount Code

Thankfully, Godaddy has a plethora of coupon codes for its customers, both new and existing. One such promo code that I have tried the past two months several times to verify it works is CJCFW199. With this promotion code you can buy a .com, .net, or .org domain for only $1.99.

How Super Bowl Ads And GoDaddy Girls Drive Pavlovian Traffic To

Those who don’t know about Pavlov’s dog should look it up and find out what classical conditioning means. The relevance here is that they trained consumers to go and visit when they see Super Bowl ads on television. It’s an impressive marketing and branding achievement that drives tons of traffic to the website each year.

godaddy1The technique used is simple enough – they create a controversy by first producing ads showing GoDaddy Girls in attire and situations that are too risque for a family audience on TV. When it gets rejected, they whip up another ad that includes a mention about the first ad that’s too hot for prime time television. The huge Super Bowl audience watches the second ad on TV and then visits the company’s website to see the first ad.

It’s proven to be incredibly effective since the first such gimmick was tested in 2008. Let’s take a look at some of these campaigns and the results they produced. For Super Bowl XLII in 2008, they produced an ad they called “Exposure” featuring Indycar driver Danica Patrick.

Godaddy is known for their funny ads. Fox rejected the ad because it had animatronic beavers, and said they would only air it if the word beavers was removed from the ad. Instead of complying, the company produced another ad called “Spot On” where a group of people are watching the game, and one of them opens up his computer to check out the banned ad. The ad generated a whirlwind of traffic to their website, which instantly got 1.5 million visitors.

The next year, people were waiting and eager to see the too-hot-for-TV ad. Different versions of the ad were created for TV and the Internet for Super Bowl XLIII in 2009. They were two spots for TV showing Danica Patrick and teaser ads pointing to the web-only risque ads.

It created another storm of publicity and web traffic. This time, domain registrations jumped 110 percent above what the 2008 ads had generated. By now, the Pavlovian conditioning of consumers was pretty much a done deal. The company was perfecting the system, and they now knew it worked like a charm with two spots on TV, one a real ad and one that pointed to the faux-controversy over the banned ad.

Everyone knew that they had to visit the GoDaddy website and see the ads that couldn’t be shown on TV. For Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, Danica Patrick once again starred in two separate ad spots. She’s getting a massage in one of the ads when the masseuse breaks out into a dance. In the other ad, Danica is shown being interviewed and grilled about the ads that are too hot for television.

Needless to say, the second ad pushed a huge number of people to check out the ads which couldn’t be shown on TV. It led to huge surge of traffic to GoDaddy that resulted in a rush of domain sales unlike anything the company had ever experienced before. All Super Bowl ads create a lot of hype, but only GoDaddy has managed to train consumers to go straight to their website to see the ads.

Ads and Coupons Work Well

In the end, with these unique ads, and with the deep discount coupons, Godaddy has managed to get a big chunk of the web hosting and domain market.

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What is Norton 360 and How To Apply The Promo Code


Where to Find A Promo Codes For Norton

norton 360 promo codeDoing a full virus scan on your PC can seem like it takes forever—checking each and every one of thousands of files on your computer—and unless this scan is scheduled for a time when your computer is not in use, it can significantly slow the performance of the computer and hamper your computer efforts significantly, regardless of what you might be working on. To combat this problem, Symantec developed Norton 360. A full antivirus, internet security, PC optimization/tuning software always cost a lot. To make its product more alluring, Symantec is giving out a 20% Norton 360 promo code for the 2-year version, which can be installed on 4 computers.

What is Norton 360?

norton internet security coupon codeLike the name implies, Norton 360 provides insight into the files checked by your antivirus software and helps to speed up those often lengthy full-system scans, without putting your computer at risk. It does this by classifying which files on your system are safe, and therefore in no need of scanning, and sends this information along to Norton 360 (for Norton Internet Security coupon users). Unless manually configured otherwise, these files will no longer be checked each time a full-system scan is run, thus speeding up the entire scanning process and vastly improving your computer’s overall performance.

How to Use Norton 360?

To use the Norton 360 feature, your computer must be connected to the internet, but the processes related to the software will run automatically (when set to do so) and usually only when the computer is idle. As a result, none of the tasks performed by the software will hinder your computer’s performance when you are using it.

Norton 360 works hand–in-hand with Symantec to determine the recommended trust level for each and every file on your computer, and once a file is labeled “Norton Trusted” it will remain as such until manually updated. If you want to see which files have been labeled “Norton Trusted,”. It provides a central location where you can view the label for each process running on your computer and their associated files.

Norton 360 is a great tool for eliminating unnecessary scans that can slow your computer down to a crawl and is usually offered at no additional charge when you purchase the appropriate Norton antivirus software.

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Coupon Codes for Finish Line


In the year 1971, three childhood friends thought it was a good idea to join hands and start an athletes foot franchise. Their idea came out successful and in 1981 they decided to start a firm called finish line. This firm was the manager of a clothing shop in Indiana in the same name. The shop has been operating since then and even offers internet services through their online store

Finish Line Promotion Codes


Coupon 1

SUMMERSTEAL: Save 15% off $70+

Coupon 2

SUNNY20: Save 20% of $200+

There are  more promo codes for Finish Line which you can find with a simple online search.

About Finish Line

FinishLine Promo Code

The store deals with clothes for women, men and also children. It is affiliated with top brands like Adidas and Reebok. There are very many people who have tried using the store and most of them love the services. However, many cannot say the same for their online services.

Many customers have given optimistic reviews about their experience using the site. Many say that the management is very competent and does not even have the audacity to make any wrongs. For instance a customer once got the wrong items from the ordered ones but the site was quick to refund her money.

There exist many customers who even say that their shipment has never tampered with when they received it. It is easy to rectify these mistakes because their emergency lines are managed by people who are also very competent.

There are other advantages that also give the site some merit. For instance they have developed a phone application that any user in the United States can access. This makes their ordering a little bit easier. also sells products that have been licensed by many schools and professional bodies. There exist many things they sell that cannot be found easily from any store. It works best for the lovers of sports.

The stores also has various branches in many American states therefore they are easy to access. For this reason the interested customers will not have to stress themselves with the poorly managed internet sites.


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Vitacost Codes Now Available For New Liquid Vitamins


Natural vitality Organic liquid vitamins are new revolutions in the sector of nutrients and supplements, provided at Natural vitality organic life vitamins is a liquid nutrient vitamin that is very energetic compared to multivitamins, they are packed in bottles of 32 servings each. Their serving size is 1 oz. A 10% discount is given through vitacost codes.


Benefits of using this organic liquid vitamin

Its uniqueness makes it the best vitamin currently in the vitamins market. Some of the distinct benefits of liquid vitamins are;
1. Liquid vitamins are easily absorbed by the body compared to non-liquid vitamins. The liquid nature of natural organic liquid vitamin makes it mix with the blood easily and first. Thus, bringing quick effects on the body energy level.
2. Natural vitality organic vitamins are reformulated in order to remove preservatives such as potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate which might be harmful in the body.
3. It can be added to water, juice or almond milk to make it taste more better
Pros of using this organic vitamin
1. This organic vitamin taste great and it does not have any aftertaste that may cause irritation in the body. They are perfectly formulated to taste great
2. Stress cause health problems such as ulcers but with this organic vitamins your stress is well managed. It gives you power to cope with any stress.
3. They are the best energy giving organic vitamin. The use of this vitamin means increase of body energy hence good health.
4. Drugs like thyroid can cause stomach problems to some people; natural organic vitamin has the power to heal stomach problems.

Vitacost codes

Cons of using organic vitamins

1. Some of this organic vitamin may contain potentially damaging chemicals such as Sodium Benzoate and aspartame. Sodium Benzoate is an addictive preservative.
2. For some people this vitamin tastes terrible even after trying it with OJ, apple juice or almond milk.
3. This liquid vitamin can cause acid reflux to rise. In case of such conditions medical advice is recommended.

How Much Does It Cost

Grab you natural vitality organic liquid vitamin bottle for $ 23.09 at , courtesy of vitacost discount coupons.

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Crack the Code and Get Wedding Invitations Really Cheap!


DCM_09233Last April my closest cousin and best friend got married and I was so excited to design and print a unique wedding card for her special moment!

I like designing and I am very good at drawing. I’ve managed to create a great wedding design but I wanted to print it in a high quality paper from a professional store. Wedding cards in my opinion might be simple but well-crafted. However, I did have all I needed but the printer! LOL :D

Most wedding invitations have the same information like this sample here. They often have the parent’s name as well as other important elements such as the bride’s and groom’s name, the date, the location and maybe some additional information for the reception’s location etc. When talking about wedding card designs, you need to make sure that they are original and not just a copy from an existing design. This means that they had to be designed with my unique creativity! (Important)

Obviously, even if I had created the perfect design I wasn’t fully equipped for the job! Now I needed to ask a professional’s advice and find a printer that would deliver the same quality as I had pictured it in my mind. Fortunately, there is a wide array of printing services available online. They can help you create your product fast, they have experts to help you with your order and guide you step by step until the cards arrive in your hands.

After choosing a good online printing service I had to search online for a coupon that would give me a discount. There are so many places online, coupon stores, websites, blogs that can provide with a coupon for the exact order but it took me like half an hour to find one that gave me up to 25% Off plus free shipping! All other places and codes weren’t valid and I was losing my patience! Finally I used the ones from this great source with the latest coupons and special offers officially given from the printing company.

Wedding InvitationsAn excellent provider is mindful of quality and variety. Everyone prefers an interesting design instead of a dull one. It is essential to make sure that the invitation reflects the kind of person you are.

The results were amazing! I’ve got to print wedding invitations in premium paper with high quality printing technology and they’ve been shipped in just 4 days after I’ve placed my order! Pretty awesome right? Haha..

I was happy to help my cousin. I like to live with quality, I seek quality in many products and services and I believe that the invitations did represent the couple’s character at 100%!

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Hewlett-Packard Decides to Divide

In 1939 a two-person company in a rented garage
In 1939 a two-person company in a rented garage

IT giant, Hewlett-Packard has decided to split into two separate companies of roughly the same size, each with $50 billion+ revenue, 75 years after it was launched in a garage in Palo Alto, California in 1939 by its eponymous founders, Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. One company, named HP Inc, will primarily be a product company, handling the personal computers and printers business with a large client base among the individual consumers. The other, named HP Enterprise, will be focused on the corporate clients only, selling high-end corporate servers, storages, software systems as products and also consulting and other professional services like cloud computing. This break-up is supposed to help each of them to be agile enough to quickly adapt to, the increasingly fast pace of changes in technology in today’s world, as indicated by the HP top management.

According to the HP CEO Meg Whitman, HP Inc will be a cash-rich company giving rich dividends back to the shareholders, while HP Enterprise, to be headed by Ms. Whitman herself, will be on a growth path, both through new offerings and acquisitions. The move has had the desired impact on the share market with HP stock up by 6% at $37.28, but nowhere near the highs it reached in recent years or even the higher peaks it scaled during the dot com boom of 1990s. HP is supposed to distribute tax-free shares to its shareholders for the break-up by November 2015. The shareholders in general are viewed to be agreeable to or even pushing for such break-ups, with the expectation that a more focused company is favorably poised for growth, resulting in better returns for them.

The HP decision to split would also lead to huge job cuts, up by five thousand, from its previous projected number. This comes after HP has already laid off thirty-six thousand jobs recently.

Ironically back in 2011, when Ms. Whitman became the CEO of HP, she was against such break-up, quashing an attempt to spin off the personal computer division. Now, while admitting this to be against her earlier stand, she defends herself, by claiming that HP at that time was not financially strong enough to withstand the impact of such a split. She credits herself for turning around the company in past three years by being financially cautious and also focusing on growth areas like cloud service though the company has till now struggled with it. Now she feels is the right time for the break-up as the demand for agility to keep up with the fast changing technology is high. Hence the HP board also changed their attention from financial recovery to breaking up the company for agility in the recent past leading to this decision.

Like HP, Internet auction giant eBay, where Ms. Whitman was the CEO during its formative years, has decided to spin off its PayPal processing division into a separate company. This move is also due to the similar fact, which the it’s expected growth path will be different from its parent company and has seen favorable reaction from the shareholders. The industry feels that more merger or break-up may be triggered by the HP decision. For example, HP Enterprise is now better placed to go through a merger with EMC, the largest storage system provider than it was last year, when similar talks to merge with EMC didn’t materialize. Though HP leadership stresses on the need of acquisition for HP Enterprise to grow, they refuse to divulge anything regarding any upcoming deal with EMC. HP’s decision against immediate stock repurchase could also indicate an impending acquisition or divestiture.

Ms. Whitman, while being CEO of HP Enterprise, will be the chairperson of HP Inc. whose CEO will be Dion Weisler, a personal computer and printer division executive of HP at present. Chairperson of HP Enterprise would be Pat Russo, a current HP independent director and ex-CEO of Lucent and Alcatel-Lucent.

In last fiscal year, the personal computer and the printer divisions that are going into HP Inc. made $56 billion, about 50% of HP’s total revenue, though it fell by 7% on a year-to-year basis compared to the overall fall of 7% for HP as a whole. This was due to steep competition, as HP fell down to second place, behind Lenovo as the largest PC maker by shipments. This led to inevitable cost cutting measures, including tens of thousands of lay-offs. HP Enterprise is supposed to be trying to reorient its struggling technology consulting division with more focus on software that remains a small part right now.

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Lauren Conrad Showcases Newest Winter Collection


LC, by Lauren Conrad has had a successful run in the major retail store, Kohl’s. The former reality store has seen much success with her fashion line sold exclusively in Kohl’s stores. The clothing is designed to be fashionable, wearable, and affordable- most of them are modeled after the fashionista herself. The clothing line originally debuted in 2009. Lauren Conrad’s goals were to make clothing accessible to young woman everywhere. Partnering with Kohl’s made this dream come true.

Conrad winter 2015 showcase

Her newest collection is a fresh option for winter apparel and contains sparkling shirts, chunky sweaters, and party dresses perfect for the upcoming holiday season. All of her clothing have a unique resemblance to Laruen Conrad’s flirty, girly style. The collection will be released just in time for Kohl’s Black Friday, which they’ve just announced will start at the company’s earliest yet- 6:00 P.M. Thanksgiving Day.

Lauren Conrad 2

Kohl’s aims to be the most compelling shopping destination for shoppers, as they offer an assortment of items for every person in the family. From home goods, to shoes, to clothing- Kohl’s has an assortment of national and private brands as well as brands sold exclusively at Kohl’s.

Lauren Conrad modeled her collection herself as she debuted the chic collection. Wearing a fuzzy sweater with the word “Joy” on the front, a chic black party dress, a cute flirty pastel colored dress, as well as winter specific items with snowflake details, and seasonal sweaters. Items in her collection range from $30-$90, an affordable price point for young fashionistas. In all of her released photographs debuted the collection, Lauren Conrad made her clothing seem effortless and pretty. Other items in the collection include crop tops, lacey tops, sparkly skirts, flirty blouses, accessories and even holiday decorations.

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